Fly Fishing Reports for Minnesota's North Shore Steelhead, Brule River Steelhead, and Boundary Waters (BWCA) Fly Fishing

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Fly Fishing along the North Shore of Minnesota and Wisconsin’s Bois Brule River.

 Pristine rivers with large open expanses along the rivers corridors and the river mouths on Minnesota’s North Shore and Wisconsin’s South Shore near Duluth are a steelheaders dream. Many come to fly fish for these elusive fish. No Stocking programs on the Bois Brule River and along the North shore have been in effect since around 2000. Unclipped beautiful fish. Fishing pressure can be tough on weekends and some weekdays are proving to be no better! Sad the more people know the more come!!But there are still spots to find solitude. The Bois Brule River flowing north to Lake Superior is roughly 50 miles of gorgeous river and a delight to fly fish. Surrounded with pristine old growth white pines and winding between humps and hills you are caught by the smells of sweet fern and northern spruce and the singing of song birds. Lots of pools, bends and fast runs keep you busy for a good long time. Easy access, great parking, and paths worn from years of use make this river a super nice river to fly fish. Bring you wading staff though, the Bois Brule is no river to take lightly! This river is big with currents and depths that can be deceiving. Bugs and more bugs, tie up some awesome stonefly patterns, soft hackles and prince nymphs and leave the mono and spawn bags at home.  Spey and Switch are getting a lot of interest. Scandi’s in 420 to 480 grains and Skagits in 330 to 480 grains with a T7 to T14 (in the 10' lengths) sink tips are the ticket if you desire to swing with the big stuff, such as Intruders, Streamers, and Egg Suckin leeches, etc.... Brule River Steelhead are graceful, color full, bold and have a terrible attitude. Don’t screw up the fight you won’t get many chances.
       Oh the North Shore….what can I say. Very difficult access, minimal parking, lots of hiking. The North Shore is liking to the rivers out west in ways of access. Drive to a certain river, fish a few holes, get back in the car and drive to another river!  From the edge of the Canadian Border to Duluth you will fish lots of rivers. Each one with its own personality and topography. But the beauty of the rivers will not disappoint you. Lined with deep basalt rock canyons, spruce and fast tumbling rivers you will know you are in a very different part of the country. But the real prize are the steelhead!  Bullet Silver, pissed off, fast, powerful, and fish that love to leap. This all happens in pools and runs that are short and deep, so be careful or you will go for a swim!  You will get a quick lesson on Steelhead 101 on these rivers. With a catch and release policy this has assured us a steady population of some nice big healthy fish. But be prepared to fish your butt off, these are not easy steelhead to catch! Do your homework! Get lots of egg patterns, Superior X-Legs, Stonefly’s and rock climbing boots. The North Shore rivers are mainly fished with indicators due to short deep holes and runs but anglers are finding more and more wider open areas for swinging with Intruders on a switch or spey.  All in all, don’t miss out on a great time to fish some awesome rivers. You will not be disappointed! Cheers. “Drink good Bourbon and fight fish”
 Ideal Water Temps: 45 to 55 degrees
 Ideal Flows: 170 to 220cfs
 Best times: Spring Runs: Mid April to End of May
                    Fall Runs: September to Mid November
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